Friday, December 11, 2009

The only thing missing is the body

Since I believe most people find me really weird, I figure I might as well reinforce that belief.    This may be why I have a Psycho themed bathroom.    Writing about this will inevitably take away from the shock factor you might have had if you had walked in cold, but I figured Phoebe might want to see it.    It usually gets a chuckle, but some people are legitimately creeped out which is all the better.

The most important thing is the Psycho shower curtain.    I've been using this shower curtain for about thirteen years, simply because I haven't been able to find another.    It has undergone numerous repairs and the holes have been fixed several times.   I've seen other curtains in this same vein, but no others were licensed by Universal and usually look cheesy.     This is the only one I've found that says Psycho and has the trademarked image of Mother holding the knife.

Next is the skull and wig that I keep on the back of the toilet.    I thought about keeping a bloody knife next to it, but I elected against it for safety reasons.     

On the wall I have a lithograph of Janet Leigh screaming her face off.

The only colors in the bathroom are red, black and white.   The floor is black and white checked which looks great against the red floor mat and towels.     I find this a nice alternative to other parts where I live which have been Empire Strikes Back themed for about thirty years.


  1. Danny

    This is awesome (I have to admit I've never taken a pee at your place before, so I might have to do that next time I'm in the city). You might consider placing sillouettes of birds flying on the ceiling. That might also add a nice touch. Better yet (and I only know this from my wife's nail polish glass bottles having been accidentally dropped on our bathroom floor), take red nail polish to the dry tub floor and, voila, you could have your requisite "Psycho blood" for an even better effect. It will eventually wear-off, but it will stay quite red for quite a while nonetheless.

  2. im impressed how tasteful it is! pretty much the coolest themed bathroom ...yea, ever. i love it!!

  3. We have a large Blue Man Group poster in our bathroom, but you win hands down!

  4. i have to admit i would be terrified to use this bathroom at night home alone. But it is really awesome that you are probably the only person i know with a themed bathroom haha!

  5. OMG I love this! Psycho is one of my favorite movies of all time. A few years back, Universal Sutdios online was selling Bates motel bathrobes and slippers! I don't know if they're still available or not.
    LOVE the poster!