Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fruits of my labor.

Around the middle of last year, I made the decision to write reviews for all of the films I see.   I started a page over at and have now written twenty-six reviews.   Granted, that is a very small amount, but it's a solid start.   Rotten Tomatoes is an amazingly resourceful site, but if you aren't an established critic, a little guy can get lost in the mix.

I have now joined the team of writers over at DVD Verdict and more specifically Cinema Verdict.  My focus will remain on theatrical reviews, but occasionally I'll check out a DVD as well just to keep the reviews coming.   Soon I'll have a bio page set up where others can easily keep track of my reviews.   (I'll be sure to post that page here when it is available).   Hey, it's something.


I don't really have a picture to post related to this blog entry, so I'll post this picture which I found this week. 

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  1. Yes, SA is beautiful, although in truth, it really reminds me of the California coastline. I think South Africa's real national treasure is their wildlife-- it's amazing the manner of animals you can find here and I've barely scratched the surface! I love your above pic-- apparently we have great whites here-- and some poor fellow got eaten a week or so back. Hmmm, I never saw Jaws-- I think I'd like to.