Saturday, April 24, 2010

2nd loan in progress

Just a quick update. I was able to secure a second loan through a credit union. Pretty much every bank we tried didn't go for the rent/owned situation of the condo. Anyway, I did get another loan, but it is at a full point higher. No fun, but at least things are progressing. I should be closing on the place next week, although after the first major roadbump, I'm not holding my breath until I have the keys.


Once again, I don't have any related pictures, so here's a video of my new E11 blaster with the Blastercore chip. It's pretty impressive what the nerds can build these days. What you don't get from the video is how unbelievably loud this is in person.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life is a crapcake and we're all taking a bite.

Unfortunately, some of us have larger slices of the crapcake than others. I found out today I no longer have a home loan. The bank got cold feet because only 40% of the units in the complex are owned and 60% are rented They require at least 50% owned. The sucky part is that we know for a fact that the owner is selling all the units one at a time, but the bank wouldn't go for it. The bank would have to pull out after I paid for the inspection and gave the earnest money.

There's still time to find a loan from another bank. The drag is that interest rates went up this week and if I can't find a decent loan from another bank, I'm going to lose a minimum of $2K from all this. On top of that, I would still have to find a place to live in 7 weeks because our lease is up May 31st.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Dig Up Her Bones

Two of the coolest people I know are Phil Moy and girlfriend Tiffany Mamone.  Both are extremely talented artists that have incredible imaginations.   Last summer Phil shot a series of photographs called Buckets Off, putting a face to the costumes you might see walking around at various cons.    The series was a great success and has now been published in a book by the same title.   I have a picture in the book with a blurb of my own. 


Unfortunately, I was not able to NYC showing, but here are some pictures  his blog.

The same day we photographed my Shock Trooper armor, we took some pictures for another project of various portraits.   With Phil's amazing Photoshop, he made the previously scary photo look even creepier. 

First Version

Second Version