Monday, July 13, 2009

The Ring - Done....sort of.

I haven't posted in awhile because I'm only partially happy with the results, although I've been wearing it for two weeks now anyway. In the last post I had started filing out the center and as it turns out, I started doing that too early. As I kept filing, I realized it would probably end up too big, and it sort of is. I tried to change gears and go back to banging the outside, but it just started warping the circle because there wasn't enough inside to keep it strong.

It isn't as snug on my first finger as it probably should be, but it works. I was hoping to dremel out more of the center to make it completely smooth inside, but it will fall off my finger if I shave off any more. It looks great from the outside, in fact people have a hard time believing I made it.

The Ring as of 7/13/09

There is a semblance of the word "LIBERTY" that can be seen on the inside. The negative photo makes it easier to see.

Seeing as how I am only mildly impressed with my results, I went and bought another quarter. This time from 1938, the year my father was born.

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