Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Ring 2 - part 1

I don't know whether the silver in a 1938 quarter is softer than in a 1960 quarter or I'm just bangin' harder. During lunch yesterday, I managed to get this quarter wider than my current ring in ONE hour. I did more in one hour than I did in two weeks of hitting with the first quarter. I worked in the basement of the offices where I work because I can make a ton of noise and no one cares. The floors in the basement are this solid concrete/marble looking rock. I placed the quarter on the floor, used a heavy spoon and bashed like crazy for an hour.

This was just the shaping part of the bashing. All the uneven surfaces that you see when compared with Ring #1 will disappear with the lighter spoon tapping. I'm intentionally making this one smaller than the previous because my ring actually fell off my finger yesterday. I may have to migrate it to my big toe.

Anyway, the guy that took a year on his ring is a complete dummyhead.

The Ring 2 as of 7-14-09

Ring #2 next to Ring #1

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