Monday, July 13, 2009

My nerd tendencies...

I'm pretty good about not blowing money on Star Wars collectibles and such like I used to. (I do have a few sets of armor, but that serves a different purpose altogether.) In fact, I haven't bought a figure in over ten years. I no longer feel the need to clutter up my life with needless things. The reasoning could be a combination of 1) the prequels just weren't that good if we're honest with ourselves, and 2) I have a storage space FULL of old Star Wars toys just costing me $600 a year just to store. No, thank you. Incidentally, I plan to start selling in the next year or when the economy improves. With that money, I will buy a house and a Golden Retriever named Randy.

Every so often, I will see something I kind of need to have to make my life complete for the time being. My most recent purchase is my R2-Q5 Soy Sauce Bottle for about $25 (not counting the Kikkoman). The Japanese have a knack for making odd Star Wars creations.

R2-Q5 Soy Sauce Bottle

I also have a fondness for my C3PO tape dispenser. It is hand painted ceramic and was manufactured by Sigma in the 80s. I personally like the way the tape comes out of his crotch. Most people appreciate that as well as these are rather difficult to find. I think this is from Japan as well and I paid $80 for it.

C3Po Tape Dispenser from the 80s

Probably my favorite item I have is my life sized Han Solo in Carbonite. This thing is a beast and someday I hope to have it displayed in a house. Fiberglass, 6 feet tall and about 70 pounds and supposedly made from the original mold. This is #903/2500. Made by Illusive Concepts in the early 90s it is important to note that they went out of business before all 2500 were made. I suspect there were only about 1500 made and they show up on ebay from time to time. I bought mine right when Illusive Concepts went out of business in 1998 for $900 shipped to my door. I suspect it cost $300 or more to ship a human encased in Carbonite. UPS won't even ship boxes this big. Since then, I've watched them fetch anywhere from $2500-5500 on ebay, without shipping.

Han Solo in Carbonite

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