Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A good day to be a nerd.

So, I'm at work today and Star Wars artist Kevin Liell calls me on my cell. You may remember him from NY Comic Con where he held the Star Wars Trivia Contest. A great guy and spectacular artist. He had an extra ticket to the World Business Forum being held in Radio City Music Hall, where George Lucas was speaking from 5-6pm. I managed to get off work because I couldn't pass this up. Being a nerd, I got there early and had some things for him to sign 'just in case'. I showed up and he had just walked in less than five minutes before. One guy was there and had about ten things signed by George. I was bummed.

Anyway, I guess George talked for about an hour about his career and then it was over. Well, the Lord almighty smiled on me today. After the talk, Kevin and I went to the stage door and hung out for a little while. Eventually George came out and I got two things signed. My 1975 third draft script and a photo which was already signed by Gary Kurtz. I could have had more signed but there were a bunch of professional autograph hunters which mobbed him. It was successful, even if I didn't get to talk or anything.

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