Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I would like to be eaten by a bear...

I have a vacation coming up on April 1st. This is my first vacation outside of visiting my parents at Christmas in a couple of years. I'm headed to New Mexico for about eight days to scout out possible relocation possibilities. I'm leaning toward Taos, because there are only about 30,000 people, which equates to 1/267th the population of NYC. I love New York, but there's a point at which you say to yourself, "you can't do nothing forever". While it is a much needed getaway, I'd really like to eaten by a bear while I'm there.

My mom's side of the family owns a cabin about an hour outside of Taos. If I lived in Taos, I could pretty much retreat to the mountains anytime I wanted. My family used to take trips there often while I was growing up, at least twice a year. It has been over twenty years since I have visited the cabin, which just isn't right. I think it took my living in NYC for ten years to realize how much I miss going there. I already feel great sadness surrounding this trip for some reason. I think it's the idea that even though I haven't even left yet, I will inevitably have to return to a life I don't really like that much.

I have never seen a bear in New Mexico, but God willing, He'll put an angry one in my path allow me the fast track to Heaven. That is my prayer. I looked up the bear migration season but didn't learn much except that bears suffer less from Osteoperosis because of hibernation. Not only do they get to sleep for 4 months straight, they do so rather comfortably.

Here is a picture of our little cabin from Google Maps. What an amazing, yet depressing world we live in.

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