Monday, March 30, 2009

The Devil Wears Satin

From my 28th floor window I get to see numerous billboards overlooking the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. Most of the ads are for some HBO series or a film yet to be released. This billboard is just beyond belief in the amount of worldliness it packs into one advertisement. On the way to work, I head over to snap a pic.

Here we see an advertisement for Caesar's casino in Atlantic City and a lovely woman nestled in some white satin sheets.
The life you were meant to live.

This billboard has almost as offensive as The Devil Wears Prada in the subliminal messages it gives. I'll start with the woman, obviously naked and attractive. I guess what I'm meant to believe is that if I go to Caesar's, I'll win a fortune and be able to have a perfect woman of my own. They do mean me, since the you is deliberately italicized. How did they know my bedroom is rather small with a loft bed? A far cry from a Queen sized mattress with satin sheets and no girl in sight.

Maybe this sign was designed for people using the Lincoln Tunnel, who brave the tunnel twice a day on the way to their mundane desk job to support the wife and kids. I wonder how women driving past the sign feel, since it implies that men will be the one's winning at Caesar's and they will be the prize. Do they give it a second thought? It doesn't give the female much worth, but what of this world does.

The billboard just struck me like few do. What direct line to the Father do they possess that I don't telling them this is how I'm meant to live? I can't deny that this idea is very appealing, it just seems unlikely that God would have a lovely brunette planned for me by way of gambling. Of course, God could be trying to speak to me through this sign telling me to head to Caesar's. How would I know? This seems to be a reoccuring question in my life, but the fine print tells me otherwise. Know when to stop. Have a gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. If you can't get the girl, at least they provide a toll free help line.

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