Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ring 2 - part 2; The Ring 3 - part 1

This is starting to sound like a bunch of horror movies, but it is just more of me banging on quarters. I realized I never posted pictures of the second ring.

Long story short, the second ring was just way too small. It looks pretty good though. I have since these pictures smoothed out the edges a little bit.

Seeing as my personality won't let me live with something I don't like, I looked on Ebay and found another 1938 ring.

That arrived at my place on 8-29-09. In four hours on Saturday, I pounded, drilled and shaped it into this. FOUR hours start to finish. Pretty dang good.

Here are the three rings I have made thus far. The first ring (on the left) was a little too big, the second (on the right) was too small and the third fits just right and has the most words visible. I only have a little left to do on it, but it will probably have to wait until I get back from vacation. On that vacation I will see my parents and see if they want the first two rings. I'll keep the third.


  1. Beautiful!! (I think this may also be illegal so they are beautiful and dangerous... even better.) Dont forget to show the one you were making for meeeeeeeee on Saturday.

  2. These are super cool. I must say I am impressed at your devotion to this project (I probably would have chucked the thing a long time ago but I'm not so good at following through on things). Little did I know that when I wrote that post that it would inspire someone to take up the challenge.