Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ring - Part 3

Wednesday we had our church employee picnic in Central Park. During the weeks leading up to the picnic, I was asked incessantly to play softball with all my comrades, but it brought up too many ill feelings reminiscent of high school. I opted to sit in the bleachers and work on my ring. Had it been wiffle ball, it might have been a different story. I wasn't alone as pretty much all the cool people were in top of the bleachers, just like in high school. That was a million years ago.

I filed for probably two hours straight with some spoon tapping here and there. I did have to answer the question, "What on earth are you doing?". As with all the things I do in my free time, either people think I'm crazy or rather intrigued. They never seem to relate however, which is why this is going on my own finger.

The Ring as of 6/25/09

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