Monday, May 4, 2009

My reoccuring nightmare...

It seems that at least once over week or two I have some sort of dream where my teeth fall out. I'm very self conscious about my teeth and I know this transfers over to my dream world. I don't even have bad teeth and although I don't think my teeth are falling out in reality, this is how my thoughts are getting translated. This is the most disturbing of dreams because even in the dream world there is the looming reality that at some point I will have to face others with missing teeth. Here are my last three nightmares, starting with the most recent in the most gruesome detail I can remember.

1) I wake up to find a very loose tooth. One of the larger ones on the top between the front somewhere in between the four front teeth and the molars. I sort of wiggle it and "snap!" it comes right out in my hand with no effort at all. I show someone else and he was pretty horrified seeing that there was no blood and it was such a clean exit. I turned on the lights in the bathroom and proceeded to tilt my head to look inside the hole using the bathroom mirror. I look in the hole and see black crusty spots at the top of the hole. I grabbed my Water Pik (which I don't own in real life) and began to drive the Pik into the chamber to spray the black away. Naturally, this hurts considerably and doesn't help the situation. The black was there to stay, not to mention a huge gap in my teeth.

2) This dream is the most excruciating yet.  I believe I was brushing my teeth in the dream.  At some point I was looking in the mirror and the enamel off two of my front four teeth slid right off.  I mean slid, only to leave the bare nerves underneath.  The nerves were brown and fibrous in appearance.  This was most disturbing to see.  I thought to myself, "I need to take better care of my teeth."  I went immediately for my toothbrush and proceeded to scrub at the nerves.  I don't know if I was hoping to "whiten" them up by scrubbing them to hell, but I went for it anyway.  As use can imagine, every brush stroke involved hundreds of tiny toothbrush needles stabbing my nerves at the same time.  This hurt worse than whatever you can imagine.  I wanted to stop but I couldn't leave my teeth in that state.  I brushed and brushed in what seemed like an eternity and my eyes were watering from the pain coming from my face.

3) I've had this particular nightmare several times.  I awake in the night and go to the bathroom mirror because something about my teeth makes me wake up in my dream.  I look to see my teeth shatter before my eyes.  Literally, slowly crumble and fall out, similar to the way Tom's teeth would disintingrate when Jerry hits him in the face with a hammer.

I also find it interesting that I sleep in my dreams very often. I used to take pride in that it was something I was actually good at, but evidently not.  My occasional nightmares would prove otherwise.  I don't find it interesting that I dream about my teeth falling out.  That sucks.  I also dream at least once a week that I am crying. I don't like this dream at all either.  Another blog for another day.

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