Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Mexico - Part 3: The FOOD

I had to save this for a post all by itself. The cuisine of New Mexico is worthy of an entry and cannot be denied full attention. While in New Mexico, I made it a point to photograph all of my meals at various restaurants. Without further adieu,

The Shed, Santa Fe, NM

Blue corn chicken enchiladas with red and green chile sauce. Pinto Beans and some corn creation. Served with garlic bread.

... and for dessert, mocha cake served chilled. Unbelievable.

Also at The Shed,

Marinated seasoned pork and cheese enchilada. Also with pinto beans and some corn creation. Served with garlic bread.

Michael's Kitchen, Taos, NM

Three egg omelette with green chile and cheese. Hash browns and pancakes.

Guadalajara Grill, Taos, NM

Chile Relleno and pork chimichanga. Served with rice and refried beans.

Tomasitas, Santa Fe, NM

I'm not even sure what was on this. I think there was one enchilada, one tamale, one chile relleno and a taco. Served with rice, beans and a sopapilla.

El Paragua, Espanola, NM

This was hands down the best food I ate in New Mexico. Simply wonderful.

Two chile rellenos served with rice, refried beans and another marinated pork side. Outstanding and well worth the trip to Espanola.

Courtesy of various rivers of New Mexico.

Three rainbow trout. The skin comes right off after a very short time of cooking.

Courtesy of the freezer, an 8 oz. bison burger with american and cheddar cheese and chipotle Tabasco sauce mixed into the meat.

I also ate a dozen of Pedro's pork tamales while staying at the cabin. The food alone in the southwest is worth the trip.


  1. Why do you do this to me, DC? I'm gonna have to take a trip out there just to get this taste out of my mouth!!!

  2. Love the pics! But, please, please, please... Something we take very seriously here is chile is spelled with an "e" at the end, not an "i." To us, you are referring to texas chili - the kind that is served usually with ground beef or other beef and beans mixed up in it and eaten out of a bowl or put over chili dogs.

  3. The "corn creation" must be posole. Mmmmm. Tecolote Cafe in Santa Fe is one of my personal favorites.